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Introducing our new podcast, Rose Goals

Introducing our new podcast, Rose Goals

As a lot of people have more time on their hands at the moment - or at least more "listening time", we are keen to introduce you to our podcast Rose Goals.

Launched last year, our founder Niki Mahon, wanted to design a podcast that talks honestly about the ups and downs of running your own business, whilst remaining a casual and fun listen.

Niki Mahon founder of Nikita By Niki

Rose Goals is a chance to get to know Niki, get motivational tips on how to be and stay productive, hear marketing secrets of the online world and a number of other interesting topics. Along the way we meet other entrepreneurs connected to Niki and hear their view on our chosen topics, plus there are some fun, silly - and revealing - games to give you the real insight on Nikita By Niki!

Check out episode 1 here which is where we get to know our founder Niki Mahon and learn about how - and most importantly why - she decided to take a huge risk and give up the well-paid day job, to run her own online business from her bedroom. Join us for some instant positivity and motivation and really get to know our female boss through some girly chats, Q&As and revealing games! If you need a light and easy listen on the workings of running a small business, Rose Goals is the podcast for you.

Niki Mahon recording Rose Goals Podcast - Nikita By Niki

Want know more about Niki? Follow her on Instagram here or visit our website to browse our jewellery and homewares collections.

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