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Christmas Gift Guide - Money Boxes

Christmas Gift Guide - Money Boxes

With Christmas around the corner and money flying out of our accounts, I think we all need to think about saving a few pounds here and there. We here at Nikita By Niki have the perfect solution for you. 

You may have come across our fund boxes when browsing the Nikita By Niki website but if you haven't, let me introduce you to our money boxes. 

Wedding Fund Wooden Money Box

If you are looking to buy the happy couple an engagement gift and you are at a loss when it comes to what to buy them, our wedding fund money box may be the ideal gift for them. 

It has been delicately crafted with naturally washed wood and four dainty legs. The backdrop is simple yet stunning - a white floral background with 'Wedding Fund' written in calligraphy letters. 

If you yourself are looking to save for your future wedding, this may be the perfect gift to treat yourself to. Not only is it visibly beautiful, it is also extremely practical. When it comes to saving those pennies, we are all guilty of dismissing the effect a bit of small change can have overtime. So get saving and look good whilst doing it. 

Our adventure fund wooden money box is my personal favourite. You yourself can define what adventure means to you and save your way to make your dream a reality. 
Our adventure fund money box has been hand crafted from natural wood with 4 dainty little legs which only adds to this adorable creation. Our fund boxes come with a small gold handle attached to the top, adding a touch of luxury alongside practicality. 
This fund box represents the adventurer that resides in all of us, whether its a road trip or you  want to save up for the biggest experience of your life. 
Watch your funds grow against a unisex backdrop of a tropical island and retrieve them using your silicone plug when you have reached your goal.
A modern take on the traditional piggy bank, our date night fund money box is something you probably didn't realise you wanted. Taking time out to be with our loved one can often feel like a luxury due to time, circumstances and money. 
Our adorable date night fund money box will be an incentive to put aside some money for the two of you to spend more time together. 
This fund box was designed specifically for couples to save their pennies and notes for that long awaited date night or mini break. Not only is this fund box practical, it also looks beautiful whilst serving a purpose. With a rich, floral backdrop, this beautiful adult money box helps couples prioritise more quality time together.
All of our gift boxes would make unique and beautiful gifts to your loved ones this Christmas.

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