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Gift Brands Supporting the NHS

Gift Brands Supporting the NHS

Across the nation, NHS staff and key workers are being celebrated for their courageous efforts to keep this country safe. Everyone is trying to do their bit, in whatever way they can. 

Many companies have stepped up in these trying times. As a token of gratitude, many businesses are offering discount prices for NHS staff and key workers. As they continue to fight on the frontline, I feel it is our responsibility as business owners to ease some of the strain these people are facing every single day. It may sound trivial, but it's these small acts of kindness that can make a huge impact. 

Alongside several other companies, we are proud to say that we here at Nikita by Niki are offering 20% discount off everything, for NHS staff members, as our small token of appreciation. Here are just a few companies that are celebrating the continuous hard work of the NHS and key workers. 

1. Nikita by Niki We here at Nikita by Niki are pleased to be part of the conversation when it comes to celebrating those who are keeping this country going in such difficult times. We are offering 20% discount on all items sold on the website, to those working for the NHS. If you are currently working for the national health service, and wish to purchase from our website, please do get in touch and we will be sure to provide you with a discount code made just for you.

2. The Body Shop have gifted over 255,000 skin and body care products to NHS workers, along with 100,000 bars of soap and 100,000 tubes of hand cream, as their way of thanking the NHS workers on the frontline.

3. ASOS is offering NHS workers 20% discount with the Blue Light Card and Health Service Discounts as their way of contributing to the cause. 

4. Avon To help combat the rising demand for hygiene products, Avon have started manufacturing a new moisturising hand gel. Their plan is to create 600,000 units, with a proportion of their sales given to NHS staff and domestic abuse charities.

5. Boots proudly supports the NHS with essential product donation. Delivering donations of essential toiletries for NHS staff working on the frontline and also patient recuperation packs. Donating in excess of half a million products, Boots is working closely with charities, care homes and local NHS Trusts on a daily basis to ensure product is getting to those that need them the most.

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