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This Years Hottest Jewellery Trends

This Years Hottest Jewellery Trends

We predict this year to be an exciting one, with women turning to jewellery choices that are more distinct, personal and expressive. Consequently, the demand for diverse jewellery designs is greater than ever with no fear of being over-accessorised.
Statement earrings
‘The bigger (and longer) the better’ will be this year’s mantra with earrings. Not only to wear with evening attire but to accompany everyday casual, statement earrings will quickly become a necessity. Spring/Summer 2018 catwalks were inundated with statement earrings, bringing emphasis on jewellery this year for fashion houses like never before. In the next few months the aim will be to wear your most visible, rhinestone-heavy pieces treating them as past popular minimal studs.
What better to compliment statement earrings than a jewel-encrusted brooch? Brooches are back and bolder than ever. Modernized variants of the once doomed ‘granny’ piece continue to take storm in fashion week. As proved by high-end catwalk examples, brooches can be stapled to anything adding elegance yet individuality to any outfit.  This year we look forward to brooches that incorporate flora and fauna, which will be an aesthetic combination of glamour, beauty, nature and romanticism. Alternatively, we suspect brooches will see an animalistic approach seeing lizard, bird and insect designs.
Asymmetrical Hoops
Thick large hoops have been a persistent on/off trend since the 80’s. This year this has been elevated and transformed into a more specific demand; asymmetric.  We can’t doubt the potential success of this trend as asymmetrical hoops have morphed from their earring ancestor into a more eye-catching and intricate style combining abstract shapes with classic designs.  Asymmetrical hoops when oversized can be a more specific take on statement earrings. Likewise with our above trends these hoops were inimitable on runways and are proving that even the most rigid trends can be styled with versatility.
Layered necklaces
Layered necklaces from year to year have often acted as an understudy in the jewellery industry; however in 2018 will be a must-have. With the popularity of plunge and low cut clothing soaring, in turn the demand for layered necklaces has sky rocketed. Layered necklaces can be both minimal or statement and are great for grounding any outfit by complimenting both fabric and skin. We recommend wearing layered necklaces with big knits and cardigans for a look that is modern, comfy and stylish. Do not let the cold weather cease use of your jewellery box.
Nikita by Niki Layered Circle Necklace
An unforeseen comeback! Anklets, as the weather warms, will be an increasingly popular choice and not only as a memorable holiday trinket. This year we will see anklets with variations of all kind and will find ourselves owning more than one. We will see anklets with detailed rhinestones, dainty chains and pendants as well as anklets with a more typical ‘boho’ traveller vibe. In particular, we look forward to seeing an up rise in rose gold anklets, rose gold being a Nikita by Niki favourite. 

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