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How I Stay Motivated Without Caffeine

How I Stay Motivated Without Caffeine

As a budding business woman it can seem strange that I don't ever rely on coffee/caffeine despite me being that annoying, chirpy morning person.

The purpose of this blog is not to make you feel bad or encourage you stop drinking your regular coffee or Red Bull, but to suggest other ways to boost your energy and stay focused that are perhaps healthier, less addictive and more cost effective.

Since pursuing Nikita By Niki full time, I have come to terms with the fact that I will always feel overwhelmed with work and ways to improve the business. This feeling can either spring you out of bed in the morning or make you want to bury your head in the pillow to avoid such intense responsibilities, or perhaps just do the bare minimum at work and rely on a regular caffeine boost to get through the day.


My 3 tips to waking yourself up in the day

1. Take other means of enhancement. I sometimes take Equazen Eye Q Omega 3 capsules (2 in morning and 1 before bed) or Green Tea Extract (1 in morning). Even just drinking plenty of cold, refreshing water. I find these things keep me alert and sharp throughout a tough day.

2. Power naps are in my opinion the most efficient way of refreshing your mindset. Just last week, I was working on my finances and struggling to keep my eyes open. I snuck out of the office, locked myself in my car and set a timer for 10 minutes to efficiently sleep it out and restart. Rather than flooding my system with caffeine and masking the exhaustion, I fixed it at the source. I went from nearly falling asleep sitting upright at 3pm to working right through into the late evening that day. Granted, I received some strange looks when walking back in the office but I literally couldn't have cared less - I smashed that day in the end.

3. Change your environment. Now I don't mean pick up your desk and face the window, I mean to simply go for a 10 minute walk to break up the day, or perhaps put on some upbeat music to get the serotonin levels bubbling again. If you're dozing off, there are ways to stimulate yourself without the familiar coffee break.


It is worth considering that caffeine is said to only counteract the effects of caffeine withdrawal that has built up overnight (source). So is it actually waking you up, or is it just lifting you from the low from not having had it yet?



I could get myself into coffee and be like most other hard working people. After all, it is warming, a quick fix, a nice, cultural thing to do with friends and it does look fancy in a lifestyle picture for Instagram. However I don't want to begin relying on it. I can proudly say I've built my business on pure enthusiasm and love for what I do without relying on anyone or anything. I don't find it easy pushing myself morning after morning, but I've simply stopped counting my hours sleep and feeling sorry for myself. 

Now, next time you're in a business meeting at 8am on a Monday after a heavy weekend and everyone is shotting their double expresso, ask for a water - trust me it's more powerful.






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  • yeah , that is so true. i am really impressed by your thoughts.. I know it is funny but when i saw your pics or anything else related to you i just feel more positive. thank you. all d best…..

    jaspreet sohi on

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