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We feel strongly about our customers being able to enjoy their Nikita By Niki designs forever, so we wanted to give you some tips on how to take care of your jewellery.
Being quality plated, hypoallergenic and waterproof our pieces rely on little care but here are some important things to know.

1. Always be wary of chemicals & perfumes

Keep all jewellery away from chemicals such as perfumes and sanitiser for longest wear. 

Although our jewellery is waterproof, chemicals such as perfumes and sanitiser can be very harmful to the surface, causing the product to tarnish or become discoloured. We therefore suggest applying perfume before your jewellery and take off where possible when handling chemical products. If chemicals have touched the surface of your jewellery, simply wash off with water to prevent a long term affect.

2. Store in a trinket box between wear

Our crystal agate glass jewellery trinket box is the perfect way to store your jewellery.

Once your pieces have arrived in our black branded gift boxes, store in a jewellery box for long term protection. This limits exposure to the air and can prevent tarnishing, especially on sterling silver products.

 Why not take a look at our glass agate or bumble bee pewter trinket boxes to keep your items safe and clean.

3. Use a polish cloth to revive

Our adjustable rhinestone encrusted ROSA ring with a quality rose gold plated base and leaf design. 

Jewellery may become marked or discoloured over time, therefore by gently polishing the surface with a polish cloth, it should revive its' original plating and take them back to looking new, also removing any oils or tarnish. They are great to take the dullness away and make your stones sparkle again.

 4. Take care of your chains

Our VERA rose pendant necklace featuring a 24k double gold plated base and quality gold chain.

Our pendant necklaces all feature various chains that require gentle handling. If however jump- rings become loose, the chain could come apart causing the necklace to appear broken. If this happens to one of our pieces, please do not worry as this is an easy fix by using pliers to open the jump- ring and reattach to the chain. It will be as good as new.

5. Do not store in your gift boxes

Our beautiful black branded gift packaging for all Nikita By Niki jewellery products.

It may be natural to want to keep your Nikita By Niki jewellery in our black branded gift boxes, especially if you have received our products as a special present. However, it is important that our jewellery is not stored in these long term and instead kept in a trinket box. This will ensure they will keep their quality and last forever.


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