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How To Set Up Instagram Product Tagging UK

If your store has been rejected from product tagging for no good reason like mine, read on to see how I overcame the issue and got my account approved...


So I've decided to write this blog as I FINALLY managed to set up product tagging on my jewellery page, Nikita By Niki, after countless, stressful failed attempts.

When I heard this enrolled in the UK, I was so excited about adding this to my Instagram as my current approach of plugging my website in every photo caption seemed somewhat pushy, so this subtle product tagging feature was ideal - allowing followers to simply tap your post and shop the product in seconds.

I have to say, the lack of help on setting up this feature was utterly astounding. I found it almost impossible and spent the best part of 7 working days figuring this out, which, quite frankly, is unacceptable for the largest social media platform in the world.

My initial understanding was to install the Instagram Product Tagging app within my Shopify backend and connect my store. My site was set up correctly according to the instructions yet I was quickly told my shop was not eligible with no further explanation or option to appeal.

I contacted Shopify and spoke to 4 different gurus, all of whom said they empathised with my situation but it was an Instagram issue. I then tried to appeal to Instagram but there is no place to do so. I also deleted and reinstalled the app many times, yet my shop kept getting rejected. I only felt somewhat relieved when I saw hundreds of other people having the exact same issue with the Instagram Product Tagging app in the review section!

After days of trying everything, I eventually managed to find the solution and the tagging feature is now working beautifully on my Instagram page.


Here are the steps that actually work:

Step 1: Ensure your Instagram page is converted to a business profile and linked to the correct Facebook page that is linked to your Shopify store. All three platforms must be connected

Step 2: Ensure your Facebook shop is connected to the correct Instagram page. Facebook Page > Settings > Instagram > Instagram Account Details

Step 3: Ensure your Facebook template is set to a ‘Shopping’ template.
Facebook Page > Settings > Edit Page > Templates

Step 4: Ignore the Instagram Product Tagging app as it appears to be rejecting perfectly appropriate stores

Step 5: Go to your Facebook Business Manager > Menu > Catalogs

Step 6: You may see a catalogue there already for your products that are feeding in from your Shopify/Big Cartel store when you set up your Facebook shop. I ignored this and created a new catalogue and titled it ‘Instagram Shopping’

Step 7: Add each product manually. If you have too many products to enter them in one by one, you can try the automatic option, however, I am not sure if this works as well

Step 8: Check for errors as your store will not be approved if there are any issues with the products

Step 9: You do not need to ‘submit’ your catalogue or store anywhere, it will be picked up automatically once created and there are no errors. All you need to do now is wait a day or so


..And VOILÀ! You're all set and should hopefully receive this email the following day...

Now for the easy part, all you need to do after you’ve been approved is set product tagging up as per the instructions within your Instagram settings and you’re ready to start tagging products on your posts!

If you have any other problems I'd recommend to contact Facebook Business Help via chat and they can help you further.

I thoroughly hope this is helping and works for you guys.

Good luck and all the best with your business!

Niki Mahon

Founder & Director

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