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Insect Jewellery

Insect Jewellery

Nature motives have existed in jewellery for hundreds of years and insects, in particular, provide very sophisticated inspiration for design. These creatures may be tiny but are extremely powerful when incorporated into jewellery. 


Gold 18K Bumble Bee Necklace

Gold Bumble Bee Necklace

Designed from scratch, with the utmost love and precision, by founder, Niki Mahon.  This bumble bee pendant is charmingly detailed even on the underside and has 6 adorable little legs.  Bumblebees symbolise personal power and positivity. 


Gold 18K Lady Bird Necklace

Gold Ladybird Necklace

This Lady Bird necklace was also designed from scratch by our founder. Ladybirds symbolise luck and good fortune. This beautiful, intricate pendant is finely detailed and sits on a thin 1mm chain for a dainty, everyday look.


Gold Dragonfly Rhinestone Necklace 

Gold Dragonfly Necklace

This precious dragonfly pendant on a delicate gold chain is the perfect affordable gift for a friend or loved one. The rhinestone detail wings give this necklace precious sparkle. This dainty design will be treasured forever.



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  • Hi just received my silver bumble bee necklace a present from my husband absolutely love it

    Jean Bishop on

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