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Learning, Speaking & Networking

Learning, Speaking & Networking

At the weekend, I was asked to join other influencers and speak on the panel for @SocialCityLdn at Regent's Park.

It was great to share with the room my journey of setting up Nikita By Niki and growing it to the brand it is today.


The lovely host, Joshua Oliver asked us various questions:


1) How do you think social media has impacted the digital world?

"Social media is fast becoming the main way we absorb information. We even rely on Twitter or Facebook for live news. It will continue to grow exponentially as more users, the young and old join Instagram and Facebook.
I mainly use Instagram to promote my products and find it the most powerful tool as my content is strongly image based and targeted at the young, female demographic."


2) So, Niki. You're now on Amazon. How have you found the transition?

"Amazon is always a step I've wanted to take. It is a platform where I can reach absolutely everyone as opposed to just those following me on social media. There is no ceiling to the reach and earning potential. It is how I intend to generate consistent income to fund the more creative side of what I do, such as the website. 

What I would say is that it is not at all easy. There are lots of rules and regulations when setting up as an Amazon seller, especially within the jewellery category. It took a lot of time and dedication but my products are now available to all Amazon customers as opposed to just those who are following me on social media."


3) How do you make your content stand out from all the other bloggers out there?

"I am in the position where I am not just a blogger but a jewellery brand and that in itself is what sets my content apart from most. Blogging is only a small part of what I do and every blogger has their own individual style and look even if the content and following is similar. If I meet bloggers with a similar style to mine I see it as an opportunity as they may like to feature Nikita By Niki jewellery in their posts."


4) What advice would you give someone who is wanting to set up a successful Instagram account or blog?

"I would say not to waste any time. There's no time like the present. Try not to talk to too many people before you start something big, we can get satisfaction out of saying our plans out loud which could lead to us not actually pursuing them.
The quality of photography is key. Invest in lighting, invest in backdrops and get yourself out in the cold to get those photos. 
Get a theme to your page and don't post anything you are not 100% happy with.
Aim to post once or twice a day. An active Instagram is only going to drum up more exposure."



On the panel, I was joined by @rosalindshimmen, @teralatilan, @lush_leah.x


 Outfit details:

Earrings: Nikita By Niki
Blouse: Zara
Trousers: Asos
Heels: Topshop


Thank you to all those who said hello after the event, it a was a genuine pleasure to meet you and have a chat!




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  • Such good answers. LOVE your outfit btw!x

    Kira on

  • Really hope you start a YouTube would be soooo good to see you in action!

    Sukhi on

  • Inspiration to us all.. love your blog

    Beth on

  • Love seeing you progress Niki. Keep up the good work!

    Seema on

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