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Who Inspires Me...?

Who Inspires Me...?


So I recently read that we spend up to 2 hours per day browsing social media and for those who run their business via social platforms like I do, it's probably more!

For this reason I wanted to ensure I was following those who genuinely inspire me in different aspects of my life. I soon realised that there are some amazing people who really stand out on my feed and who I in fact, admire.

So in an effort to give credit where it's due and share some positivity and inspo, I have listed below the top three Instagrammers that inspire me within 4 important categories of my life: Beauty; Art; Fashion; Fitness & Business.






A make-up superwoman who you can instantly tell is a true perfectionist. Every single post could be a cover for a top magazine. Her technique, colours, image quality and consistency make me want to push myself and only put my work out there at it's best.



Interesting, unique and incredibly creative. I love this girl's feed as it broadcasts true artistic talent and encourages me to be more daring with my designs.



Flawless selfies and great tutorials. I feel her favourite style of make up is similar to mine (bronzey-dewy) and I for that reason I find myself gaining plenty of inspiration when I see her posts. She also posts often proving she has an impressive work ethic.





Host of some of the most satisfying drawing/make up videos. Hindash draws a lot of his make up and is yet another perfectionist who inspires me to be meticulous with my work.



Have a scroll and watch her incredible face chart artwork. I don't think I've ever seen artwork so glamorous and effective. I love to see her innovative content and what she comes up with next. 



This artist is one of the first people I ever followed on Instagram. She makes me want to be free and creative. Her portraits are breath-taking and I hope to have one of her original paintings in my studio one day soon!





A casual chic lady with the best tan and outfits all year round. I LOVE how she styles herself. It's so effortless and comfortable looking yet feminine and cool at the same time. Ultimate page for casual outfit inspo.



Probably one of the most beautiful feeds on the gram. I love her overall colour palette and her wardrobe is to die for. She is also representing us brown girls!



Mikutas is edgy, cool and sophisticated and her photography on her blog is unreal. She stays true to her style and theme and is an example of a blogger who doesn't rely on her beauty to succeed; she often hides her face to show off her amazing styling abilities.





Now for something truly magical; This page is a work of art as the owner poses in the most powerful, angelic yoga positions. She originally only ever posted black and white photos and has slowly introduced colour. I love her commitment and quality to her images. It's amazing how she is completely naked in every image yet they remain so tasteful.



It's refreshing following people that just know what they're doing. Stef focuses on the areas I am personally interested in working on myself; arms, abs and glutes. Her videos often inspire me to work out when I'm feeling lacklustre.



Not just another yoga girl but one with serious strength and diversity. She's a cute, small blonde who posts many videos of her doing great yoga routines. I've started yoga and love to watch her feed and what can be achieved.





A refined, fabulous and meticulous business woman. Vanessa understands minimalism and quality. Her feed follows a strict colour scheme and her brand's products are simple yet sought after. She inspires me greatly.



Samantha is an Australian jewellery entrepreneur who I read about once in Forbes. She used to sell her jewels on market stalls before turning over her first million. She is classy and feminine which oozes out of her collections. I love to see her journey and how far she's come.



An exotic, Canadian beauty. Reese is a hardworking, edgy designer who sells her brand and products via her Instagram page, similar to how I approach my business. I love her classic facial beauty mixed with her quirky sense of style. I take inspiration from the finesse of her brand.



So there you have it, a categorised list of those that I most enjoy following and who help motivate me on a day to day.  

What all of these people have in common is their consistency, attention to detail and coherent style. They are all unique in their own way and pursue their line of work to the best of their abilities - all qualities that are key to a successful page/brand.

Check them out and have a browse. I hope they inspire you in some way too! :)

Leave some of your favourite accounts in the comments and I'll be sure to take a look!





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  • Found this interesting, always wondered what motivated you

    KAl on

  • Ah this is nice. Follow a few already will def follow the others!

    Tash on

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