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My Skin Care Tips

My Skin Care Tips

Hey girls,

So this is a blog post I've been promising and putting off for so long now. I think I was waiting for my skin to be perfect in my eyes before advising others, but I've realised now that it's not something that happens overnight and a small improvement is still an improvement!

Everyone has insecurities when it comes to their skin however we've all become so good at masking them with make-up, camera angles and lighting and I want to share mine and be honest in this blog, so here goes...:


So unfortunately for me, I'm doomed with dark under eye circles, darker than most girls I know my age. I get the hollowness from my dad and the pigment from my mum, and this combined with the fact I don't sleep a great deal is a recipe for disaster!
Where it's such a thing for me, I have become better and better at covering my under eyes with make up. I'm a sucker for Bobbi Brown foundation sticks as correctors and the popular Nars Creamy Concealer. However one of my New Year Resolutions is to focus on bettering my skin rather than covering it, as it's been a long time since I've felt truly confident without make up.

I've researched into the best eye creams or home remedies for lifting under-eye pigment and my overall conclusion is that there isn't a real cure for it. I could try using posh brands or putting vegetables on my face but I'm quite sceptical about what I spend my time and money on as I'm aware my pigment is mainly hereditary and not temporary.

Having said that, I've recently started to use the Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream. It's a lovely thick, refreshing texture that sits well under make up and helps reduce concealer cracks. I also use this at night before bed simply to hydrate after removing make up and I'm happy so far.

Acne Scarring 

So if you're anything like me and can't leave a spot alone then you'll know the struggle! I have small scars across my face that seem to fade only with time and exfoliation. I use the following face washes. The Pink Grapefruit one for a gentle wash in the morning and the St. Ives for proper exfoliation before bed. I use the St. Ives 2-3 times a week to reduce blemishes.

My real advise here is to prevent spots which will in turn prevent the scarring. 
One thing that changed everything for me was changing my monthly pill. This is honestly the best advice I can give someone who is eating well, cleaning their make up brushes and removing their make up properly yet still experiencing bad break outs. I was first on the default pill 'Microgynon', often referred to as the 'Crazy Pill' (which I guess says it all!). It can make you emotional as well as constantly break out. Since switching to the 'Yasmin' pill otherwise knows as the 'Beauty' pill, the change was significant. I still get a few spots here and there but it made all the difference for me, it even changed my frame of mind about a lot of things and made me a much more upbeat young lady! 


Chicken Pox Scars

This is something that I imagine is more unique to me, but I have small indentations across my face from having chicken pox as a toddler. Similar indentations can occur from serious acne scarring and it basically results in an uneven surface to the skin. After doing some research the best thing for this is apparently derma-rolling (needling the skin with a handheld roller device to prompt skin regrowth). My personal experience of this didn't quite go as well as planned. I bought a £10 roller from Amazon with amazing reviews and used it before bed each night. I wasn't noticing a change and used it more vigorously, my skin freaked out and I broke out. I was quite disheartened and decided to stop using it but many do say it works.

I have also been recommended the 'Derma Pen' treatment which is a more professional procedure with proper equipment that helps even out the skin. I'd recommend to go to Dr Ahsan at @myskinclinic.




So here are two unedited pictures of my tired face to show you where I am currently with my skin on a not so good day vs a better day (with brow pencil and mascara to help!). My aim is to reduce as much of the scarring as possible and perhaps experiment with some beauty treatments such a brow microblading and lash lifting to see if they help me feel more confident first thing in the morning!


Here is a summary with few more tips that have helped me:

1) Consult your GP about your monthly pill if you are experiencing acne. Changing this could seriously help.

2) Exfoliate often, but not too vigorously.

3) Remove make up PROPERLY every night before bed. A make up wipe never does it all. I currently use a make up wipe to get the worst off, then use face wash before cleansing with cotton pads and moisturising

4) Drink a LOT of water. You can never have too much in my opinion, just go crazy.

5) Laser Hair Removal after a few sessions can leave your skin looking lighter and smoother.

6) Chemical peels often help as they remove the top layer of the skin, eliminating a lot of scarring and pigmentation. I would again recommend @myskinclinic.


I hope this was somewhat useful for you girls.

Please do share your tips and comments below for myself and others to see :)


All the best on your skin journey!



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  • I was pretty pleased to discover this great site.

    yunusali on

  • Hi Priya,

    i have come across amepure, would you recommend their products? what products have you used from their line?

    shamsa on

  • Vitamin C serum is the best thing Ive used! I had a facial on Harley street where my top layer of skin was removed by a scalpel and he said vitamin c will help keep you looking healthy and the wrinkles at bay. I use it when I look like crap and the next morning I look fresh faced. Since then I actually ‘shave’ the peach fuzz on my face every so often (not with a razor) and this helps keep my skin smooth and make up look better. As for breakouts I could not recommend clarins foam wash for oil skin. Holy grail ?

    FFion on

  • Loved reading this, thank you!

    Sharan K on

  • Which creams and masks do you use Niki? Xx

    Nav on

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