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Our Top 10 Wedding Jewellery Picks

Our Top 10 Wedding Jewellery Picks

As the coronavirus pandemic starts to ease and rules start to relax, many couples are resuming wedding planning and festivities. Regardless of whether you are the lovely bride herself, a bridesmaids or simply a guest, check out our top 10 picks of jewellery to wear when attending the special occasion.
1) Valentina Rose Stem Statement Choker
A fantastic bridal choice, this floral choker is delicate and sparkly, encrusted with crystal rhinestones on a rose gold, gold or silver base.
A precious necklace most appropriate for your big day or a gorgeous choice for bridesmaids. A one-of-a-kind jewellery piece. 
2) Rome Stud Earrings
Simple, treasured rhinestone stud earrings. These studs consist of a rose gold claw holding a single, sparkly, delicate rhinestone.
Perfect if styling your hair in an up do. A timeless accessory to compliment your dress. 
3) Amira One Row Rhinestone Choker
A classic rhinestone necklace, one-tier rhinestones are both glamorous and subtle and will match any wedding dress. A delicate silver choker that is most versatile and popular. Also available in gold and rose gold.
A thicker, 3 tier rhinestone rendition is also available for a more striking look. 
4) Verona Rose Gold Statement Earrings
A statement earring choice. Rose gold is becoming increasingly popular for bridal wear. These rhinestone statement earrings are flawlessly finished to turn heads.
Bigger earrings are a great way to make an impact. 
5) Vera Rose Pendant Necklace
When planning the big day, jewels play a significant part. This Vera Rose 24K necklace has been made from scratch by myself and the team. This elegant necklace is such a timeless piece that it will complement any bridesmaids dress.
If you're looking for a more rose based design, you could go for the double plated Gold and Rose Gold Vera Rose necklace. You're other option is to go for the Sterling Silver Vera Rose necklace. 
6) Bella Bumblebee Pendant Necklace - 3 Colours available
The Bumblebee necklace is one of our sweetest designs. This necklace takes an entirely unique stance on bridesmaids jewellery, whilst still being classic in tone. This beautifully intricate Bumblebee necklace is one of a kind, sure to be a conversation starter with its individuality. This necklace is available in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver. 
7) Infinity Rose Stem Pendant Necklace
This Infinity Sterling Silver Rose necklace is both classic and charming. A rose signifies enchantment and love, which goes hand in hand with the joyous occasion of a wedding.
Whether you are looking to make a statement or you crave a more minimalistic approach, this Infinity Sterling Silver Rose Necklace is versatile to suit any and every occasion. This stunning necklace is available in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. 
8) Rani Rose Gold Rhinestone Circle Necklace 
This Rose Gold Rhinestone Circle necklace is stunning to the eye. With its striking design, your bridesmaids are sure to catch the attention of your guests.
This circular design is not only appealing to the eye, but also symbolises the idea of infinity - it is endless and eternal, the way love should be. 
9) Havana Statement Earrings
Bigger. Bolder. Better. If you are looking to make a statement, lucky number seven is the one for you. These outstanding Havana earrings are jewel-encrusted with clear coloured rhinestones and designed to turn heads. 
These adventurous earrings are sure to create a buzz at the biggest party of the year, created to turn heads and impress the crowds. 
10) Vera Rose Hoop Earrings
As you may have noticed, earlier on in this thread, we discussed the Vera Rose 24K necklace. Well this beautiful addition comes in the form of matching earrings. Both the Vera Rose necklace and the Vera Rose hoop earrings can be worn together, but be warned, the bridesmaids will garner a lot of attention!
Shop our full jewellery range here:

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