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Top 10 Silver Jewellery Items

Top 10 Silver Jewellery Items

Here at Nikita by Niki, we have an abundance of silver jewellery. Ranging from our stunning Ava leaf ring to our beautifully silver Valentina rose choker. There is something for everyone.
If you are a fan of silver jewellery, you are definitely in the right place. Silver has been linked to luxury for decades, so often times many assume that sterling silver is too expensive. We are here to dispel this myth with a collection of our finest silver jewellery.
1) Edana Moonstone Sterling Silver Ring
As silver is a relatively soft metal, it is fairly easy to mould, hence allowing for constant new designs. Our Edana moonstone rings are one of our best sellers and you can probably see why.
Featuring two stunning moonstones, one round and one teardrop-shaped, our Edana moonstone ring is very unique in its form. It is also adjustable, so would make the perfect gift for absolutely anyone (yourself included!). 
Our gorgeous Edana ring comes gift wrapped in our luxurious black and rose gold branded gift box.
2) Silver Amira Single Row Rhinestone Choker
If you are looking for a more delicate, understated look to compliment your outfit, our Amira single row rhinestone choker may be the one for you. Ideal for someone who wants a simplistic look with a hint of sparkle. 
This stunning one-row choker can be layered with any of our silver pendants if you are looking to amp up the look a little. Not only is our Amira choker available in gold, rose gold and silver, it is also available as a two-row or three-row version if you are looking for something a bit more daring. 
3) Kyra Knot Choker 
This solid metal knot choker is a simple yet elegant necklace and makes the perfect accessory for any party, especially Christmas parties. 
If you are wearing a dress with a slightly open neckline, our Kyra choker would look absolutely perfect. It can also be worn alongside our earrings and rings. This knot choker is available in gold or silver, so there is no need to worry about it not complimenting your outfit.
This choker is also available in gold.
4) Valetta Rose Ear Climber Earring (Individually sold)
This simple yet beautiful earring features a rose flower sitting on a base of intricate silver sterling leaves. It is more subtle than our other favourite rose earrings but still very elegant and perfect for the daytime and evenings!
All of our jewellery comes gift wrapped in our branded rose gold and black gift boxes.
5) Valentina Rose Choker
Our Valentina statement choker is encrusted with delicate, crystal rhinestones in the shape of rose stems. This luxury choker has an air of romance to it. Roses hold rank as the most beloved of flowers and are almost always in attendance at weddings.
This is one of our simpler designs, so if you are looking for something that is effortless yet elegant, our Valentina rose statement choker may be the one for you. Even better, this particular choker is available in 3 colours; gold, rose gold or silver. 

  6) Ava Leaf Ring

For an everyday ring that fits any finger, our Ava leaf ring fits the bill. There is no need to worry about this ring not fitting someone, as it is entirely adjustable and it suitable for absolutely anyone.

If you are looking for a delicate gift that is under £15, then this ring should definitely be a contender. Not only is it a bargain at only £10, but it is also available in gold, rose gold and silver.
7) Vera Rose Pendant Necklace
When planning the big day, jewels play a significant part. This Vera Rose 24K necklace has been made from scratch by myself and the team. This elegant necklace is such a timeless piece that it will complement any bridesmaids dress.
If you're looking for a more rose-based design, you could go for the double-plated Gold and Rose Gold Vera Rose necklace. Your other option is to go for the Sterling Silver Vera Rose necklace
8) Bella Bumblebee Necklace
 The Bella bumblebee necklace is one of our sweetest designs. This necklace takes an entirely unique stance on bridesmaids jewellery, whilst still being classic in tone.
This beautifully intricate bumblebee necklace is one of a kind, sure to be a conversation starter with its individuality. This necklace is available in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver.    

9) Infinity Sterling Silver Rose Necklace (Available in 3 colours)

This Infinity Sterling Silver Rose necklace is both classic and charming. A rose signifies enchantment and love, which goes hand in hand with the joyous occasion of a wedding. Whether you are looking to make a statement or you crave a more minimalistic approach, this Infinity Sterling Silver Rose Necklace is versatile to suit any and every occasion. This stunning necklace is available in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. 

10) Hope Hummingbird Necklace

Our beautiful hummingbird necklace is one of a kind. It would be the most perfect gift to a loved one who has a quirky sense of style.

It is available in both silver and gold. All of our jewellery comes in our stunning, branded rose gold and black gift boxes.




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