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Top 5 Statement Necklaces Summer 2018

Top 5 Statement Necklaces Summer 2018

Statement necklaces are timeless and were the foundation of Nikita By Niki. Whether you're looking for party or evening accessories, gifts for a friend, gifts for mum or a loved one or preparing for Christmas gifts a statement necklace makes an ideal gift.


Here our founder has narrowed down 5 favourites:


1. Leilani Statement Necklace

Leilani Gold Rhinestone Statement Necklace

A luxury necklace at an affordable price- our top pick is inevitably the Leilani statement necklace. This is a gold necklace with white and clear rhinestone detail on an antique pointed base. This necklace is inspired by floral jewellery and has petal shaped pieces. 

The Leilani is the perfect addition to evening wear and is best styled with an off the shoulder dress in order to accentuate the necklace's luxury finish. Should be essentially styled with Leilani earrings

The Leilani statement necklace is an ideal gift for any woman of any age due to its class and timelessness. This necklace sits perfectly and is comfortable which is essential for any big night out! 

This statement long necklace is also available as in a shorter rendition as a choker. 


2. Aurora Statement Necklace 

Aurora Gold Rhinestone Statement Necklace

Endless rhinestones on a collar necklace = a dreamy bestseller. Aurora statement necklace is a superior chunky, bib necklace that is designed to turn heads and snatch attention.

This crystal gold necklace is striking due to its sheer sparkle from many clear encrusted rhinestones. This luxury necklace is the largest in the Nikita By Niki collection and is inspired by Kate Middleton's highly sought after high street necklace. A truly royal, full and desirable piece.

Collar jewellery is timeless and acts as a perfect centrepiece for a formal outfit.  Perfect as a wedding accessory. Equally, a glam, sparkly necklace can transform a simple outfit into something special. We think Aurora statement necklace could look great styled under a denim jacket and a low cut white blouse. 

The bigger the necklace the better! Big necklaces should not be feared.


3. Alexia Statement Necklace

Alexia Black and Gold Rhinestone Statement Necklace

Manifold rhinestones come together to create a dazzling finish on this gold statement necklace with clear, black and champagne rhinestone detail. A statement necklace with black features is on every jewellery enthusiasts wish list due to its sheer versatility when styling.

We believe statement necklaces should be styled with daywear as well as evening and the Alexia statement necklace is flexible in doing so. This necklace can easily be styled with black jeans or your favourite cosy black jumper. Of course, this black statement necklace is also an obvious and perfect addition to an LBD.

This necklace can be the best way to incorporate further femininity into your modest style. 

This necklace is also available as a choker. 


4. Amelle Statement Necklace

Amelle White and Gold Rhinestone Statement Necklace

A luxury necklace that features colour and class. Amelle statement necklace shares the same shape as the Alexia statement necklace, however, is instead encrusted with white and clear rhinestones.

We love this necklace as it better compliments summer, floral outfits and can be worn with bolder colours. This white statement necklace, when in comparison to other necklaces,  is more lightweight making it great for everyday wear. Nikita By Niki also suggests pairing this necklace with a white dress or jumpsuit for an infinitely feminine look. 

We do believe the vintage, pastel colours seen in this necklace can make it ideal to present to any lovely elder ladies! 

This necklace is also available as a choker. 


5. Kehlana Statement Necklace 

Kehlana Black and Gold Rhinestone Statement Necklace

Turn heads with the Kehlana statement necklace. This big chunky necklace is modern, exclusive and on-trend. 

Kehlana statement necklace is a favourite due to its edgy but luxury, impact appearance. Consequently, this necklace is best styled without any other accessories. Nikita By Niki believes this necklace is an essential finish to any LBD and looks fierce with your favourite black court shoes. Alternatively, this black necklace looks stunning when styled with any black lace. 

This piece is most notable due to its unique, striking diamond shape pieces which collectively make up the bib necklace. 

The Kehlana statement necklace is also available as a choker necklace.



The power of one accessory can be remarkable. A statement necklace is the best way to draw eyes to the face, change the purpose of an outfit and express personality.

Be sure to shop our whole Statement necklace collection here.


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