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Our Top 10 Stone Home Accessories

Our Top 10 Stone Home Accessories

1. Natural Stone Vases - Set of 3
Introducing our beautifully adorable petite stoneware vase pots. These three vases come as a set, all differing in size. 
This stunning set is ideal for any home with its clean and simple lines. The natural properties of the stone are revealed at their finest with a beautifully smooth finish. This set is beautiful in its simplicity and definitely touches on the running thread that is the Scandinavian home decor we discussed in the previous blog -

3 set vase stone elegant different set of 3

2. Natural Stone Soap Dispenser

Introducing our large solid natural stone dispenser with gold plated pump lid. If you are looking for a touch of elegance that will brighten up any room, look no further.

In keeping with our Scandinavian theme, this natural stone soap dispenser would make a great addition to any bathroom or kitchen. 

natural stone soap dispenser kitchen bathroom

3. White Stone Serving Tray

Introducing our stunningly beautiful new white stone serving tray. This is one of newly launched products that keeps on trend with our Scandinavian theme. 

An impressive serving tray that would make a beautiful addition to any home. Alluring in its simplicity, this stone serving tray is eye-catching and most definitely a Nordic design piece. It can be used to arrange fruit, canapés, or to arrange decorations around your home.

white serving tray stone

4. Midnight Stone Plant Pot

Introducing our beautiful new midnight coloured stone plant pot. Consisting of midnight blues, greys and gold this pot will add a touch of luxury to any home. 

This stylish and modern plant pot will add a sense of luxury to your home whilst serving a purpose. This natural stone plant pot has a glazed finish. 

5. Agate Crystal Bottle Stopper

One of my personal favourites is our stunning agate crystal bottle stopper. This alluring kitchen accessory will add a touch of opulence to your home.

With the beautiful agate crystal adding a sense of luxury to this bottle stopper, you are unlikely to find such a unique product anywhere else. 

A stunning barware accessory that is ideal as a gift for loved ones.

6. Agate Glass Jewellery Trinket Box

Our Agate glass trinket box is a beautiful addition to any home, adding a raw yet opulent touch. Not only is the agate glass jewellery box a unique home accessory but agate is also known for its rebalancing and harmonising properties.

This unique jewellery box is a memorable gift for birthdays, or even just as a small token of appreciation for a dear friend or family member. 

7. Crystal Quartz & Gold Ring Holder

Introducing our natural crystal quartz standing ring holders. Whether your looking to rearrange your jewellery or looking for the ideal gift for a jewellery lover, this stunning ring holder is the one for you.

Keep your jewellery together and tangle-free with our beautiful crystal quartz ring holder. The perfect addition to any dressing or bedside table and an ideal way to keep your rings safe when not wearing them. 

8. Rose Quartz Crystal Agate Coasters | Set Of Two

Our rose quartz crystal agate coasters are a beautifully elegant way to set your glasses, cups, wine bottles on. Adding a sense of opulence to any home, these coasters come as a set of two. 

They are an elegant light pink in colour, with gold-gilded edging. These Nikita By Niki coasters are truly one of a kind, making them ideal for adding a touch of character to any table surface. 

9. Crystal Agate Bottle Opener

This uniquely beautiful crystal agate bottle opener is one of our newly launched products and one of my personal favourites.

These stunning bottle openers are made of natural crystal agate, with hand-painted gold gilded edging in either gold or silver to add a touch of luxury to any home.

Our bottle openers would make the ideal gift to a loved one, or as a housewarming gift to friends and family.

10. White Agate Crystal Coasters | Set Of Two

Last but not by any means least, we’re closing up our top 10 with the alluring White Quartz Marble Crystal Agate coasters with gold gilded finishing. These particular coasters are made from Snow Quartz, which can be used to balance the yin and yang energies alongside many other beneficial qualities.

With its mood enhancing qualities, these white quartz marble crystal agate coasters are the perfect gift for any occasion. Having been sourced from volcanic areas in South America each coaster has its own distinctive pattern, making each individual coaster all the more exceptional.

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