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The Top 5 Jewellery Trends You Need To Know this Autumn

The Top 5 Jewellery Trends You Need To Know this Autumn

This season there is a sense of daring in the air. We are about to enter into the world of fashion weeks. The influence of London Fashion Week on everyday fashion is undeniable. The trends we see on the catwalk slowly but surely trickle into our real lives. In this blog we will be divulging the secrets of fashion week and picking the top 5 jewellery trends we will be seeing this Autumn. 

As we get ready to swap sandals to boots, camisoles to jumpers, shorts to snug trousers, we also need to transition our jewellery from Summer to Autumn. I think we're all ready to shake things up in preparation for this coming season. So in the spirit of changing things up, lets countdown our top 5 Jewellery trends of this Autumn.

1) Statement Necklaces 

Celebrities and influencers are obsessed with statement necklaces this season. Whether you're going for a more casual look or you plan on dressing to the 9's, our mesmerising statement necklaces will garner all the attention at any occasion (and rightly so!). 

  • Our stunning Leilani statement necklace is a sure fire way to start off the party season. If you're looking to make an entrance, this is the way to do it. This gold luxury statement necklace consists of a jewel-encrusted bib with an antique pointed gold plated base and chain. If you're looking to create a look, we also have matching Leilani statement earrings.

leilani statement piece wedding occasion gift for her silver matching earrings

  • Our alluring Sofia statement necklace is a one of a kind piece. The colouring of this particular necklace really brings out its luxurious elements. White and gold are a classic combination, which enables this necklace to be worn for all occasions and complement all colours. If you were looking for a more bold choice our Skyler statement necklace is very similar to the Sofia necklace, however the colours are emerald green, black and gold. 

statement necklace gift for her beautiful elegant fancy occasion

2) Statement Earrings 

Earrings this season are impossible to slip by unnoticed. This coming fashion week we will be seeing a lot of oversized earrings. Bold is the trend this season and we at Nikita by Niki have plenty of choices for you. 

  • Our Havana statement earrings are jewel-encrusted with clear coloured rhinestones, designed to attract attention. If you're looking to spice up an outfit, our Havana earrings are the ones for you. 

  • If you're looking to make a statement but with a hint of subtlety, look no further than our Persia statement earrings. These earrings are dainty, yet still make a beautiful display, whilst enhancing your style.

3) Rhinestones
Rhinestones are going to be a big hit this season and lucky for you we have a multitude of choices, here at Nikita by Niki. 
  • Our Rosa Rose Gold Rhinestone Ring is delicate and in theme with this seasons trends. One of the benefits of this ring is that it is adjustable, so therefore can be worn by almost anyone. 

  • We have such a wonderful array of choices when it comes to this years rhinestone trend. Our chokers are absolutely stunning, sure to be the centre of attention at any occasion. If you're looking for something simple yet beautiful, our Rhinestone chokers are elegant and luxurious. They are available in 3-tier, 2-tier or 1-tier, depending on your preference. They are also available in 3 colours; Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

4) Colour Explosion
A sure-fire way to add a touch of adventure to any look is to add a pop of colour. If you're looking to "zhuzh" up your outfit, have a peek at our astonishing statement pieces.
  • Our India statement necklace is a truly unique piece. The beautiful colours that make up this statement necklace are a very alluring combination or cobalt blue, orange and an array of pastel colours. 

  • If you are going for a more edgy, sexy vibe, check out our Scarlett statement necklace. This necklace is slightly thinner than our other pieces, but in no way any less beautiful.

5) Layered Necklaces

 Layering is essential to Autumn in terms of clothing and when it comes to jewellery. Personalise your favourite outfits with some of our divine pendant necklaces.

 If any of these items have tickled your fancy, why not check out our website :).






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