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To Be Crystal clear

To Be Crystal clear

Inspired by the beauty and allure of crystals, here at Nikita by Niki we love our crystal based products. With such an array of products you have several choices, whether it be a gift for a loved one, or even a treat for yourself! 

 1) Agate glass jewellery trinket box

Our Agate glass trinket box is a beautiful addition to any home, adding a raw yet opulent touch. Not only is the agate glass jewellery box a unique home accessory but agate is also known for its rebalancing and harmonising properties. This unique jewellery box is a memorable gift for birthdays, or even just as a small token of appreciation for a dear friend or family member. 

Agate glass Jewellery trinket box

2) Crystal infused Elixir Glass Water Bottle

The use of crystals in our daily lives can be dated back to the Ancient Sumerian times, 6000 years ago. Although not a new discovery, the use of crystal infused water is certainly a more modern concept. These crystals enhance the flow of positive energy, whilst also eradicating any negative energy present. 

    When it comes to individual crystals, each crystal provides its own unique benefits. Our crystal infused elixir glass water bottle has 4 crystal options ; Amethyst - has healing powers to help with physical ailments and emotional issues, Clear Quartz - known as the “master healer” and will amplify energy and thoughts as well as the efficacy of other crystals, Rose Quartz - associated with the energy of love, or Obsidian - This stone has powerful metaphysical properties that will help to shield you against negativity. 

3) Agate crystal bottle stopper (Launching soon!)

We are so excited to be nearing our launch date for the latest addition to the crystal family - the beautifully unique Agate crystal bottle stoppers are nearly here! The gold gilded edges are just the tip of the iceberg. This exquisite Agate crystal is a treat for wine connoisseurs, as well as an exceptionally unique gift. This bottle stopper is sure to grab everyone's attention at the dinner table! Stay tuned to find out more details about this beautiful Agate Crystal Bottle stopper. 

Agate Crystal Bottle Stopper

4) Rose Quartz Crystal Coasters

These beautifully unique Nikita by Niki Agate crystal coasters are an ideal gift. They are the perfect home accessory that will compliment a wide range of decor and brighten up any room. Our agate has been sourced from volcanic areas in South America, making this gift all the more exotic. Not only will these coasters be striking and spectacular on any surface, the agate will also provide support, enhance mental function and improve concentration. The edging is available in three aesthetically appealing colours ; Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. 

white agate crystal coasters

5) White Quartz Marble Crystal Agate Coasters

Last but not by any means least, we’re closing up our top 5 with the alluring White Quartz Marble Crystal Agate coasters with gold gilded finishing. These particular coasters are made from Snow Quartz, which can be used to balance the yin and yang energies alongside many other beneficial qualities. With its mood enhancing qualities, these white quartz marble crystal agate coasters are the perfect gift for any occasion. Having been sourced from volcanic areas in South America each coaster has its own distinctive pattern, making each individual coaster all the more exceptional.

white quartz marble crystal agate coaster Nikita by Niki

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