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Crystal Infused Elixir Glass Water Bottle

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Feel cleansed and revived with one of our crystal infused glass water bottles. Choose from amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz or obsidian and have their exceptional properties infuse with your drinking water in this beautiful, reusable drinking bottle. We've custom designed our product so it is not only leakproof, but has a removable glass dome so the crystals physically touch the water as well as being easy to clean and swap for other crystals.

Healing Properties

~ Clear quartz promotes strength & power ~
~ Rose quartz promotes love & self love ~
~ Amethyst combats anxiety & sadness ~
~ Obsidian promotes protection & safety ~

      Product Details

      ~ Material: Glass, crystal, metal & rubber ~
      ~ Colour: Clear & rose gold ~
      ~ Size: 500ml ~
      ~ Care: Rinse stones thoroughly before first use ~

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