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Crystal Infused Elixir Glass Water Bottle

Regular price £40.00

Introducing our long-awaited Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle with natural healing elixir quartz stones.

⊰ Features a removable glass dome with slits to ensure the crystals actually TOUCH and infuse with your the water.

⊰ Easy to clean and swap crystals.

⊰ A rubber screw base to ensure the crystals in the dome stay in one place and ensures the bottle is leakproof.

⊰ Available in 4 crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz & Obsidian.

⊰ Packaged in our branded gloss cylinder gift box.

⊰ Holds 500ml.

 Healing Properties

Clear Quartz Promotes Strength & Power

Rose Quartz Promotes Love & Self Love

Amethyst Combats Anxiety & Sadness

Obsidian Promotes Protection & Safety







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