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Passionate about business, have lots of followers or know many people that love jewellery...?
Partner with Nikita By Niki and earn monthly commission from your referrals on a purely win-win, no strings attached model.
- Simply click the 'Get Involved' button and read the Terms & Conditions
- Then fill out your details and how you'd like to be paid
- We'll send you a unique code which helps us track your referrals
- Promote NikitabyNiki via word of mouth or your social platforms and tell anyone interested in purchasing to enter your unique code at the check out
-Customers you refer are gifted 10% off their total purchase
-This code will register with our intelligent tracking system and you will receive 10% commission from the retail price of the entire transaction
-We will transfer your commission directly to your PayPal account on a monthly basis
-The more you push, the more you earn and the more people hear about the brand!

    Celebrity Endorsement

    We are always keen to collaborate with Instagram influencers who have a minimum of 20K REAL followers.
    If you feel you would be a great fit for this please do get in touch by emailing with the subject title 'Celebrity Endorsement Application'.


    Photoshoot Collaborations

    We are always on the look out to collaborate with talented photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists and models. 
    Please send a bit about yourself and your experience along with your portfolio to with the title 'Photoshoot Collab'.
    Please note:
    - Any applications without an attached or linked portfolio will be disregarded.
    - Collaborations are unpaid opportunities with expenses covered and all imagery credited. Taking part in our seasonal photoshoots mean you are in a position to take advantage of the hired location and talented team to boost your portfolio and broaden your industry experience.
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    Terms & Conditions

    • Partners are entitled to 10% of all completed transactions that have been made through the website using their unique code
    • Partners can opt-in and opt-out of NikitaByYou at any time via written confirmation. Once opted out, any transactions made by customers with their unique code will no longer count toward commission
    • Customers that are referred to the site and enter a Partner's unique code receive 10% off entire order
    • Commission does not apply should referred customers purchase items outside of the website (for example, via Email, Instagram’s Direct Message, Facebook etc.)
    • Partners will not receive commission if the referred customer simply browses the website and does not complete a transaction
    • Partners can use any image from Niki Mahon's Instagram page (relevant to the brand) at any time providing they tag @nikimahon and caption the full website: ‘’
    • There is no limit to the amount of posts Partners can place on their social platforms to promote NikitaByNiki
    • Partners are encouraged to hashtag #NikitaByPartnerName. For example #NikitaByJasmine as well as #NikitaByNiki on their posts
    • Partners can use any images of their own involving NikitaByNiki jewellery and are encouraged to tag @nikimahon and caption the full website
    • Partners still have to purchase their own NikitaByNiki jewellery if they wish to take their own images for promotion on their social pages
    • As a bonus, Partners are allowed to use their unique code when purchasing from the site for themselves at any time to gain free UK shipping
    • Referred customers must enter the unique code at the ‘Discount’ field of the checkout
    • It is the Partner's responsibility to properly guide potential customers to the website and instruct how and where to enter the unique code
    • Partners are not allowed to make out that the business is their own when referring potential customers
    • Should the customer be unhappy with their item once they receive it, this will in no way affect the partner's commission from that sale unless the partner promised something that was untrue
    • Partners are not allowed to miss-sell the jewellery and say inaccurate statements and promises
    • If the referred customer enters the unique code incorrectly at the checkout, that transaction will not count toward the Partner's commission
    • Commission will be calculated by the system and inputted into the Partner's PayPal account at the end of every month. This is subject to change to quarterly payments should the amount of Partners exceed expectation. Niki will personally inform you of this change should it occur
    • If there appears to be miscalculation of commission for any reason, Partners are to email Niki to reach a resolution privately. Niki Mahon must reply within 12 hours
    • Partners are allowed to state their work with NikitaByNiki on their CV or LinkedIn pages. However they must use the title ‘Affiliate Partner’ as opposed to ‘Partner’
    • Partners are encouraged to tell as many people as possible about NikitaByYou and how to opt-in
    • If Partners do not abide by the above terms, they will be paid what they are owed up until the terms were abused and removed from the program. Any use of the unique code by referred customers after this point will no longer count toward the Partner’s commission.

    Now the boring bit is out of the way, the next step is to confirm that you have understood the terms and to send your details:

    Agree to terms and would like to join NikitaByNiki

    All payments are sent via Paypal. If you do not already have a Paypal or account please set one up before submitting application.