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Black Agate Crystal Coasters - Gold Edge

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Beautiful black agate coasters with a completely unique design and a hand-painted gold gilded finish around the edge. The agate is sourced from volcanic areas in South America and every slice is different. Some of the coasters have holes to expose more crystal. 

Perfect for a home ornament, bedroom accessory or to present as a gift.

Can be purchased individually, in a pack of 2 or 4. Each coaster includes 4 small, transparent rubber pads for grip.

Also available in a teal or natural colour. 

Product Details


Hand-painted liquid gold edge
Encased crystal
Approx 3-4"
Varying shapes, generally round
Gloss finish
Rubber grip


    Hand-painted 24k gold leaf edge
    Exposed crystal
    Approx 5-6"
    Round in shape
    Gloss finish
    Rubber grip 

    Please note that there may be natural flaws present in the product which are not considered damage as they are part of the design.

    *Each coaster is made to order and will be dispatched in 1-2 working days.*

    ~ Free UK Delivery ~

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