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Nikita By Niki is an independent female-owned British business, founded by Niki Mahon.
Transparency is a core principle at Nikita By Niki. Environmental and moral ethics are very important to us and we want our customers to know that they can shop peacefully with us.
Nikita By Niki products are designed to be both luxurious and affordable, yet we employ mindful practices, use quality materials and look after our customers.
We strive to create timeless designs that can be enjoyed every day rather than for a fleeting trend. 
We say no to surplus and avoid overproduction and wastage by keeping our stock levels small, releasing new designs in smaller, more exclusive quantities. 
We ensure our manufacturers share our high standard regarding ethical business conduct.
It is through six years of ups and down with our business, that we have found our trusted manufacturers and built secure partnerships.
Our products are designed by our team in Kent, England and produced to the exact specification by our trusted teams in India, China and Turkey.
Our suppliers use safe, fair labour practices and are committed to the internationally recognised human rights.

Materials & Packaging
We use only hypoallergenic materials within our products.
We do not test on or involve animals in our processes in anyway.
All of our items are carefully packaged in our eco-friendly, recyclable/reusable gift boxes.
Our products are then sent in biodegradable mailing bags.
Our jewellery boxes are made from recyclable cardboard and a reusable velvet insert.
We do not include receipts or invoices in our packages to avoid paper waste.
Any plastic packaging, such as cellophane bags and bubble wrap have been reused from the original packaging from our manufacturer. We do not purchase or supply plastic material for our products. We reuse all protective packaging to avoid any unnecessary wastage. We are currently working on alternative ways to secure our more fragile products without using any forms of plastic.
Any additional leaflets inside our packages are 100% recyclable.

We are on a mission to become a sustainable business by the end of 2022. We are consciously improving our packaging, testing our materials and auditing our manufacturers so we can proudly call ourselves a sustainable and carbon neutral company. We have a lot of work to do but are working very hard to ensure we legitimately and mindfully improve our practices.

Data Protection
We promise to keep our customers personal data safe and secure.
See our Privacy Policy here
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